2 Common Causes Of Summer Water Heater Problems

female plumber finding the water heater problem

During all four seasons, you depend on your water heater. But trouble could be right around the corner. Some unique problems can occur with the arrival of summer, though during the colder months, more problems typically seem to affect water heaters.

If there is no air conditioning where your water heater is stored (like in your garage or attic), you may experience increased summer problems. What's more, if you live in an area where summer equates to extremely wet conditions/high humidity, you may experience water heater corrosion or rust. If the water heater is not adequately covered, this problem could be even worse.

Let's take a look at some summer water heater problems.

Issues with Your Pilot Light

If, when the temperature is 100° or above, your pilot light goes out on a regular basis, there could be a couple of reasons.

Compared to the temperature set on the thermostat, if the surrounding air temperature is higher, the main burner won't be lit because the gas valve won't open. To produce the much-needed natural draft, heat from the pilot light flame simply isn't strong enough. The pilot light goes out because any oxygen that's available quickly burns up.

Improper gas combustion can be caused by poor ventilation. The heater’s burner needs oxygen, but because hot air rises, it steals the much-needed oxygen. In this case, the pilot light will be more likely to go out.

Combustion Issues

There is a site window on your water heater. Look through it to see if you have a gas combustion issue. The gas flame should do the following:

  • Start as light blue
  • Then change to yellow
  • Then turn to red

The burner will still appear to light properly, but if improper combustion is the problem, the flame will flatten out. Combustion problems should be addressed right away. They can present a hazard in your home as well as cause problems with your water heater.

Ventilation Problems – How to Resolve Them

You may be able to resolve the above-stated issues if you improve ventilation. For better air circulation, this can mean adding vents or a fan – particularly if the attic is the location of your water heater. Attic insulation is also important.

If your garage is the location of your water heater, to cool the space, you may want to add fans or an actual air conditioner.

You might be able to place your water heater in a better-ventilated area if you get rid of your current model and change to a tankless one. Tankless water heaters offer numerous advantages, in fact.

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