About Us

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Our story

We have built Water Heating Direct to offer a revolutionary solution to our customers. We have heard our customers loud and clear. If you are looking to avoid downtime, loss of revenue and expensive service calls on your water heater, Water Heating Direct is your ultimate solution. We have selected a team of industry subject matter experts to provide guidance and exceptional customer service around the clock. We provide our customers with a premium solution with an outstanding warranty. Water Heating Direct is the ultimate solution when it comes to excellence and expertise in water heating.

Our promise

• Break the Cycle! If you are looking to save money in the long run and stop replacing your tank-type water heater every 3-5 years, shop with us and we can guarantee a reliable solution for years to come!

• First year is on us! Free service and parts for the first year ownership of your Brigade is completely on us.

• Free applications and engineering support. When you book a free consultation with us, you will get connected with a qualified Building Systems Engineer. We will guide you through sizing, electrical and venting connections. 

• Free expert water quality analysis with in-house engineering support. It is very simple. We will send you a free water quality test-kit, follow the steps, and send it back to us.

• We are with you every step of the way ensuring your order is fulfilled correctly

Our mission

Break the Cycle! Are you tired of getting bounced around from one call center to another when you have technical issues with your product? Water Heating Direct simplifies the solution by connecting you to the engineering/applications team to assist with any inquires or issues. Our mission is to deliver premium solutions without any hassles.

Why water heating direct?

Watts Heating and Hot Water Solutions LLC dba Water Heating Direct (“Watts Heating and Hot Water Solutions,” “Us” or “We”) are a solution orientated company that ensures you are getting the best product and services catered to your specific business needs. Water Heating Direct connects customers directly to Watts Heating and Hot Water Solutions. Water Heating Direct is the ultimate destination when it comes to excellence and expertise in water heating.