Stop Replacing Your Water Heater

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Stop replacing your water heater!

Break the 3 to 5-year replacement cycle of your water heater. 

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Replacing water heaters every 3 or 4 years is not our business plan.

Break the cycle with

Brigade Condensing Water Heaters

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6 Full years of warranty protection with a free 1st year Brigade Limited Service Plan

Unmatched corrosion resistance for longer life

• All duplex stainless steel construction - AquaPLEX®
• Tank material is naturally corrosion resistant
• No tank linings needed and no anodes of any type required

Low operating costs

• Thermal efficiency up to 99%
• Extremely low standby losses

Easy user interface

• Touch screen electronic operating control with “plain language” settings and 15-event history

Lower cost of installation

• Vents through PVC or CPVC
• Low floor-space requirements. Fits through 36" doorways

Common size to replace existing heaters

• 199,000 BTU Input with 25 gallons of internal storage
• Smaller footprint than any other 199,000 BTU with 25 gallons storage!

Product longevity is the key to a strong ROI

This scenario assumes the replacement of a glass-lined water heater every four years with 3% annual inflation. Operating costs of comparative condensing water heaters are assumed to be the same.