4 Reasons To Consider A Water Heater Powered Anode Rod

4 Reasons To Consider A Water Heater Powered Anode Rod

There are two options if you need an anode rod for your water heater. We have sacrificial anode rods and powered anode rods. A sacrificial anode rod is made using a weaker metal, and it works by attracting harmful minerals that cause rust in your water heater. So, in simple terms, this anode rod prevents these minerals on both sides of your water tank by sacrificing itself.

The other anode rod does not work like the sacrificial anode rod since it scatters or repels these corrosive elements using small electrical pulses. Therefore, your rod and both sides of your water tank will be clear from these harmful elements. This means the anode rod and your water tank are protected. 

As mentioned, powered anode rods are the best alternative to a sacrificial rod, as they don’t degrade easily. They have a supply of electrical pulses to ensure corrosive elements do not find a home in your water tank. Here are a few reasons to consider an anode rod:

Advantages of Using Powered Anode Rods

  • Stops Rust and Corrosion Inside the Water Heater Tank: Generally, every water tank is subjected to corrosion; however, a sacrificial anode rod protects your water tank.  This will cause the anode rod to degrade over time, and its efficiency will reduce. Eventually, the anode rod will deteriorate, hence a need for replacement. An electrical anode rod, on the other hand, uses electrical current to protect itself and the water tank. This will lengthen the life of your water tank and powered anode rod.
  • Removes Rotten Egg Smell Within Hours: The rotten egg smell in your water is a result of sulfur bacteria. These bacteria live in the water and produce hydrogen sulfide gas after feeding on sulfur. Eventually, it causes a rotten egg odor once it dissolves in the water. However, you don’t need to endure this smell because a powered electric anode rod will remove it in a few hours. Once you start using the water heater, the anode rod will release energy to remove and prevent any rotten egg smell.
  • Works With All Water Types: One of the greatest benefits of using an electric anode rod is that it works effectively with any type of water, regardless of its source. This means that whether you are using city water or well water, the anode rod will do its job. On that note, if you’d like to eliminate the need for anode rods altogether, consider purchasing a dynamic water heater tank.
  • Works Better with a Water Softener: Generally, water softeners increase the reaction between the water and the regular magnetic anode rod, leading to a shorter lifespan of the rod. However, the combination of a powered anode rod with a water softener will improve the efficiency of the rod. In addition, it makes the electric anode rod last longer than sacrificial anode rods.

To summarize, there are many advantages to consider using a water heater powered anode rod, including the reduction in corrosive elements, removal of rotten egg odor, flexibility with different water types, and the effective addition of a water softener. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Water Heating Direct and buy one now!