A Guide To Water Heater Warranty

Water heaters are frequently used for heating water for bathroom showers, cleaning, laundry, and other activities. Because of how frequently water heaters are used, they can malfunction or break down from normal wear and tear. The cost to replace and repair parts can be expensive; however, a water heater warranty can protect you from unforeseen expenses and make the replacement or repair process more affordable. 

Similar to other large purchases, a water heater usually comes with a replacement or repair warranty to ensure your purchase is taken care of in case any problem occurs. Continue reading this article to get a proper guide on how water heater warranties work, the lifespan, and the types of warranties available. 

How Do Water Heater Warranties Work?

An important question that often comes to mind after purchasing a water heater is how the appliance warranty works. After purchase, you need to register the model number of your newly bought heater to activate the manufacturer's warranty protection. This registration process should be done within a month after installing the water heater.  The manufacturer may give a one or two years labor warranty, and when it expires, the consumer will pay for both replacement parts and labor. 

The manufacturer's warranty offers coverage on repairs and replacements of defective parts and products. However, the warranty may not cover the problem due to an unauthorized installation or bad usage. Thus, ensure to read the product's warranty information, including coverage timeframe, parts covered, and other limitations. 

The Lifespan of a Water Heater Warranty

Most warranties, whether for gas or electric units, have about 6-12 years of guarantee and coverage. However, it solely depends on the seller and the terms of usage. Regarding the water heater itself, it should work efficiently if adequately maintained for about 8-12 years, depending on the usage frequency.

Types of Water Heater Warranty

  • Manufacturer's warranty: After purchase, the manufacturer's warranty is the first warranty provided to you by the products company. The extent of the coverage and duration depends on the model of the water heater and its manufacturer. If perhaps the customer causes the heating system to break down or malfunction, the guaranteed replacements and repairs stated in the initial warranty might automatically become invalid or limited. Similarly, installing the water heater system through unauthorized personnel may invalidate the guarantee given on the product.
  • Home warranty: if you are wondering whether your home warranty plans offer coverage on your water heaters. The answer is yes. Most standard home warranty plans will provide coverage on your home appliances or system developing fault due to constant wear and tear. Thus, if you meet the necessary conditions, your home warranty will offer coverage on repairs and replacements of some parts and components of your water heater.

Water Heater Warranty at Water Heating Direct

Water Heating Direct offers a one-year free service after purchasing your water heating system and registering with us. However, you can trust us to provide you with top-quality water heaters that will last you years with no faults. You get to save a lot of money on repair and replacement when you shop with us. Many water heater manufacturers offer a three-year warranty but Brigade Water Heater offers six years. That’s how confident they are about the quality of their products. To learn more about our products and technologies, kindly contact us today!