A restaurant water heater with endless hot water and no storage tank?

 When you find yourself in the market for a new or replacement water heater for your restaurant, hotel, or apartment complex, what are some of the challenges you might have to overcome to find the best solution? Let’s name a few common challenges that every end-user or contractor must consider.

1) Installation cost

2) Footprint constraints

3) Enough hot water

4) Reliable service and warranty

Often when you have to replace your water heater, it is either too late because the water heater(s) failed or your demand for hot water has increased. In either of these scenarios, we might be gravitative towards brands and solutions that have worked in the past. Seems logical? You might also consider an alternative solution. A solution so extraordinary and powerful that will not only eliminate the storage tank problem altogether but also saves you money on installation cost and maintenance.

The Brigade uses only 25 gallons of internal storage. What this means to you is the Brigade will take up less space in your extremely cramped kitchen giving your staff some breathing room. The Brigade is designed for demanding restaurant applications and will never run out of hot water. On the other hand, most glass-lined tank water heaters take up two to three times more space in your kitchen or mechanical room. The bad news is that tanks with liners tend to have a three to five-year life expectancy. Once the liner degrades, and the exposed tank will fail soon after. The Brigade uses advanced technology, which eliminated the need for liners and cathodic protection. We also provide a six-year warranty since we are not worried about our products failing prematurely.

How much hot water is enough for your restaurant application? When sized using our proprietary sizing tool, OptiSize, we guarantee that your application will never run out of hot water. We also accomplish this with only one or two units depending on demand, which saves you time, space, and installation cost. However, the wall-hung tankless units will require more heaters to be installed to achieve the same BTU output as well as needing a storage tank. Often the cost of installation and maintenance of tankless wall-hung solutions is overlooked due to their low-price tag.

The Brigade is the top chef in the kitchen. It is ultra-compact in footprint and eliminates the need for a storage tank. Owners can add an additional unit for redundancy in the same footprint as competing tank water heaters. Moreover, we believe that our units will deliver hot water for years to come and that’s why we back our product with a six-year warranty policy.