Choosing Water Heaters For Gyms, Spas, And Clinics

The right water heater for gyms, spas, and clinics can save businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. Most of these facilities feature large boilers that heat up water and send it through long pipes to fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. However, electric heaters have become more efficient and they provide additional features that will benefit your business.

If you want to save money and enjoy hot water whenever your clients need it then dive into this article. You'll find out the benefits of modern electric heaters and why they have become so popular these days.

Electric Heaters Save Space

First of all, most electric water heaters have a smaller footprint. There's no need for a huge water tank where water accumulates for heating. Fewer pipes are also necessary since the water heater just heats up water on the spot and sends it to fixtures quickly and efficiently. You might not need to have a mechanical room in your establishment and a paid worker to inspect and adjust the water heater regularly. Modern electric water heaters are easier to use and save space on your property.

The Right Water Heaters Minimize Heat Loss

Heat loss is also a big problem with conventional water heaters. The water might be hot when it leaves the tank, but if it has to travel through hundreds of feet of pipes, its temperature will start to drop. At the same time, what if some of these pipes have leaks? Then you also have the problem of leaking water, not only water that doesn't fit the correct temperature when it arrives at your fixtures. Modern electric water heaters heat up water quickly and send it to the right place effortlessly, so there's no time for its temperature to drop to unacceptable levels.

Electric Water Heaters Reduce Your Energy Bill

Thanks to the fact that heat loss is minimized with modern electric water heaters, your energy bill will also be smaller. If you have a large establishment and add up the costs over months, you might be happy to find out that you have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the end of the year.

You Will Always Have Hot Water on Demand

Modern electric heaters can heat up the water much quicker in comparison with older heating devices. As a result, you will always have hot water on demand, ready to use by your clients or patients. You don't have to wait for a boiler to get to the right temperature and then heat the water to be sent to gym showers, for example. The convenience of having hot water on demand will likely make your establishment stand out from competitors.

Gyms, clinics, spas, and medical facilities are always in need of a constant supply of water. Finding a way to reduce costs and make the process of heating water more efficient should be one of your top priorities. Contact one of our experts today to learn more about effective water heating devices that can provide hot water on demand while keeping your running costs down.