How Does A UV Disinfection System For Water Work?


As an effective and environmentally friendly water treatment system, UV disinfection systems are used in many applications worldwide. They work by exposing microbes, mold, algae and other contaminants to UV light, killing them off and ensuring the purity of the resulting water. Widely used in both residential and industrial applications, UV disinfection systems are a safe and cost-effective way of treating water.

How They Work

A UV disinfection system works by destroying the DNA of microorganisms, killing them off and preventing them from reproducing. DNA is essential to an organism’s ability to reproduce and no bacteria can survive when exposed to an appropriate dose of UV light. UV light can be found naturally in sunlight, however, in UV disinfection systems, these rays are replicated by UV lamps, or high mercury discharge lamps.

Benefits of UV Disinfection Systems

You may be wondering about the benefits of UV disinfection systems, and whether they measure up to other water treatment systems. Below are just some benefits:

  • Chemical-free and safe
  • Environmentally free, making use of no toxic byproducts
  • Effective – all microorganisms are susceptible to the correct dose of UV light
  • Budget-friendly
  • Acts fast
  • A natural way of purifying water

Industrial Applications

Did you know thar UV disinfection systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications today? For instance, the water supply of an entire township can be purified through the power of UV light. Below are some more applications of UV disinfection systems:

  • Homes and offices make use of these systems to purify drinking water, ridding it of contaminants.
  • The cosmetic industry makes use of UV disinfection to ensure that the water used in their products is of high quality. This also helps in extending the shelf life of products.
  • UV systems can be used to treat waste water, which is then used for purposes such as cleaning and gardening. In treating the issue of water scarcity, preventing wastage and combatting the high costs of fresh water, treating waste water is a lucrative and forward-thinking business.
  • UV disinfection is being used as an alternative to chlorine when it comes to swimming pools. Households and facilities who prefer not to introduce chemicals into their pools make use of UV disinfection as chlorine can react with other organic matters to form new and harmful chemicals.
  • The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry requires clean water that is free from ozone, chlorine and pathogens. UV disinfection helps them to achieve that.

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