How Long Does It Take For A Water Heater To Heat Up?


How Long Does It Take For A Water Heater To Heat Up

Are you experiencing slow water heater recovery? Water heater recovery, or how quickly a water heater will heat up, can be impacted by a variety of factors. Here is a guide to understanding why it takes so long for your water heater to heat up!

How Long Does It Take for Certain Types of Water Heaters to Restore Hot Water?

Water can heat up quickly or take anywhere between 60 and 80 minutes. Your water heater's type will determine how fast water takes to heat up.  Given that the appliances are brand-new and the right size for the house, the following are some typical heat-up durations for various water heaters:

  • Propane storage water heater tank: 30 to 40 minutes
  • Electric storage water heater tank: 60 to 80 minutes
  • Gas tankless water heater: 0 minutes

Keep in mind that these are the lengths of time needed to heat fresh, cold water entering the water heater tank. When you have a storage-tank water heater, the appliance continuously heats and refills water for use as needed. However, if you exhaust all the hot water, you will have to wait until your appliance replenishes from a low level. During peak hours, you can run out of hot water unless you have a gas tankless water heater that heats water instantly.

The following are the duration it takes for some types of water heaters to reheat. 

  • Gas tankless water heater: These are popular for homes with moderate to high hot water demands. When properly sized and installed, they quickly heat water on demand, so when hot water is required, it is delivered in a matter of seconds.
  • Conventional electrical storage-tank water heater: These take up to 60 to 80 minutes and are only a good choice for small homes with small water heating demands.

  • Electric tankless water heaters: These heat water faster than storage tank units but take a little longer than gas.

Other Factors That May Affect Water Heater Recovery Time

In addition to the type of water heater, there are several other factors that can influence how rapidly hot water is delivered.

  • First-hour rating: This is the volume of hot water that a unit can produce each hour, starting with a full tank. Make sure the water heater's first-hour rating will suit your needs during peak consumption times by checking the manufacturer's information.

  • Home size: Depending on how distant your water heater is from the appliances or fixtures you require hot water for, the time it takes for them to get it will vary.

  • Pipe diameter: Larger pipes can carry more hot water, but smaller pipes can't.

  • Age and condition of water heater: It is common for water heaters to lose efficiency over some time. Your water heater may be older and less efficient, which results in less hot water. 

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