How Long Should Your Commercial Water Heater Last?

How Long Should Your Commercial Water Heater Last?

Commercial water heaters are integral to the daily functions of many organizations and businesses – from hospitals to government buildings, and restaurants to hotels. Taking on a proactive approach and knowing the ins and outs of your water heater is vital in preventing any unforeseen costs when it breaks down. Hence, it will do you good to find out how long your commercial water heater should last.

When your water heater is on its last leg of its lifespan, telltale signs of it failing might start to show. It is wise to replace it early to avoid any potential failures and breakdowns that could negatively impact your business’ daily functions. Here are the most common indicators of a faulty water heater you should look out for.

Lack of Hot Water

The first indicator that your water heater might be failing could be the loss of heat in your water supply. It could be caused by the increase in the use of hot water beyond your water heater’s capability. Some common issues like a faulty heating element and a misadjusted thermostat can be easily rectified with a quick call to the plumber while others like having a tank that is too small for your facilities could mean that you may need an upgrade.

Rusty and Discolored Water

Rusting usually occurs when water heaters are used past their lifespan. If discolored water starts flowing from the taps of your bathroom appliances like your sink and tub, it is likely an indicator that the internal body of the tank could be disintegrating. When this happens, consult with your local plumbing company for more advice.

Leaking Water Heater

One common explanation for water leaks is the expansion of the material in the water heater’s tank. With repetitive sequences of heating, fractures in the tank can form and their sizes can increase gradually overtime. This might lead to bigger cracks that cause water to leak. In tank-type systems, leaks cannot be rectified easily and would need prompt replacements to prevent further issues.

Loud Noises

You might be puzzled when you start hearing loud noises from your water heater. This is usually a result of calcium deposits building up in your tank-type water heater and blocking its drain valve. Over time, this could lead to an increased consumption of electricity to heat your water supply and advance the deterioration of your water heater, increasing the chances of cracks forming on the tanks.

Knowing Your Water Heater Type: Tank or Tankless

A standard tank-type water heaters as well as their tankless counterparts can be expected to operate for up to 10 years on average. However, an efficient tankless water heater can last much longer than this if properly maintained!  Tankless models come without storage tanks, which make them relatively space-efficient and allow them to be installed on your exterior walls or even in narrow corners if you have limited space.

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