How To Choose The Ideal Commercial Water Heater For Your Restaurant


If you are looking for a commercial water heater to suit the needs of your restaurant, you may be wondering about the best type to choose. Not only does your water heater have to supply hot water for cooking and cleaning, but you will also need to ensure that your washing facilities, restrooms, and sinks are well supplied. To this end, you have to ensure that any water heater you choose is able to live up to the heavy-duty applications of your establishment.

In this article, we share with you some top tips for choosing a commercial water heater for your restaurant!

Size and Capacity

Of course, when choosing a commercial water heater, you have to take size into consideration. This does not just refer to the physical size of the water heater, but its input and storage capacity. What you want to look out for is the volume of hot water it can hold as well as the amount of energy required to bring the water temperature up to the desired level.

One scenario where size is important is if you have limited storage space for a water heater on your premises. To this end, you will want to get a unit that’s not too bulky and that can be installed around your existing equipment. Keep in mind that larger physical size does not always equate to a higher capacity.

The Needs of Your Restaurant

When deciding on the type of water heater you will need, it helps to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Your restaurant’s operating hours — for instance, are you open all day or for dinner only?
  • The number of appliances that require hot water in your establishment
  • Whether your area is affected by any seasonal changes in weather
  • Any limitations imposed by the venting setup in your restaurant
  • … and more!

Energy Efficiency

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a commercial water heater is energy efficiency. Not only do you want to minimize your impact on the environment, but you will also want need to justify any expense you make in your restaurant.

When you choose an energy-efficient water heater, this will result in huge savings down the road. Although the initial cost may be one of your considerations, you should always think about any purchase as a long-term investment.

Looking for a Commercial Water Heater for Your Restaurant?

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