How To Replace The Gas Control Valve On Your Water Heater In 8 Steps

Connection of home water heater. Fixing electric water heater

Chances are, you and your family not only depend on your water heater, but you may also take it for granted more often than not. You expect it to work. But if you are experiencing problems like a tripped heat limiter, a pilot light that won't light, a faulty gas valve, or a faulty water heater thermostat, it may have been caused by the water heater gas control valve. So, what now?

The water heater’s gas control valve will need to be replaced if it has caused the above-mentioned problem or problems. Let's look at one of these valves and how to replace it.


How do you know if the problem is actually with the valve? After all, it could be with the gas burner, the pilot light, the heat limiter, the thermostat, etc.

The other components should all be checked to figure out if the gas control valve is at fault. In rare instances, though it doesn't happen often, gas control valves can fail. The more likely culprit is the thermocouple which, without much expense, can be replaced.

If the heat limiter or thermostat has gone bad, the faulty component may be replaceable. However, it's only slightly more expensive and generally easier to replace the entire gas control valve.

You must replace a tripped heat limiter. The original problem may not, however, be corrected by this replacement. A gas control valve or thermostat problem is probably indicated if the limiter had to be replaced.

Steps for Gas Control Valve Replacement

  1. Turn gas off.
  2. The lines connected to the gas control valve should be disconnected using an adjustable wrench or open-faced wrench.
  3. While applying torque to the connectors, make sure to hold the water heater in place or additional damage could be caused.
  4. To the store you are getting your new valve from, bring the original valve along for matching (unless you know exactly what kind of valve you need).
  5. In the reverse order of the above-stated steps, you will reconnect the new valve.
  6. Turn the gas back on. Make sure there are no leaks.
  7. The pilot can now be relit.
  8. Check for the proper functioning of the water heater.

(Thermal fuse wires may be connected in newer models. They should be removed from the gas control valve carefully. When the valve is replaced, it's important that these are reinstalled correctly. If you don’t feel confident about this situation, it's best to hire a contractor.)

Important Note

Remember that before you attempt any gas water heater repairs, the gas should be turned off. It can be dangerous working with natural gas, so always take care. Contact a qualified contractor if you do not feel comfortable.

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