How To Reset Your Electric Water Heater With 3 Steps

Encountering issues with your electric water heater can be frustrating, especially when you're looking forward to a warm shower. One common solution that often gets overlooked is knowing how to reset an electric water heater. This simple process can resolve issues of cold water and is an essential troubleshooting step for homeowners. Here, Water Heating Direct offers a step-by-step guide to safely reset your electric water heater.

Cut off the Power to the Water Heater

The first and most crucial step in resetting your electric water heater is to ensure that the power is completely cut off. This is necessary to prevent electrical accidents during the reset process. You can cut off power in one of two ways:

  • Directly at the Unit: Find the water heater's power cord and unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Through the Circuit Breaker: Locate your home's main electrical panel, typically found in the garage, a utility area, or a storage closet. Look for the breaker labeled for the water heater and flip it to the OFF position.

If you notice that the breaker trips back to OFF immediately after being flipped to ON, it's indicative of a more significant electrical issue, and you should contact a professional for a diagnosis.

Access the Water Heater Reset Button and Reset It

Once the power is securely off, you're ready to access the reset button on the water heater:

  1. Remove the Access Panel: Look for the metal plate on the water heater that covers the thermostat and remove it by unscrewing the two screws. Keep the screws safe as you'll need them to reattach the panel.
  2. Remove Insulation: Behind the metal plate, you'll find some insulation. Carefully remove it to uncover the reset button, usually red and possibly labeled as "reset."
  3. Reset the Button: Press the reset button firmly. This action should reset the electricity flow to the heater element.

After pressing the reset button, replace the insulation and reattach the metal plate using the screws you set aside. Then, restore power to the unit by plugging it back in or flipping the circuit breaker back to the ON position.

Check to See if the Issue is Solved

After resetting the water heater, give it about half an hour to start heating the water. If your water heater has both upper and lower panels with separate reset buttons, and the first reset doesn't solve the issue, repeat the process for the second panel.

If there's still no hot water or the system trips again, it's likely a sign of a more serious problem. Issues could range from faulty thermostats and heating elements to electrical problems. In such cases, turning off the power to the unit and seeking professional assistance is advisable.

Resetting Electric Water Heater

Understanding how to reset an electric water heater is a valuable skill for any homeowner. This simple procedure can often fix minor issues and restore your hot water supply without the need for professional help. However, if the problem persists, Water Heating Direct recommends contacting a qualified technician to ensure your water heating system is safely and effectively repaired. Remember, regular maintenance and prompt attention to issues can prolong the life of your water heater and ensure it operates at peak efficiency.