Installation Tips For Your Commercial Water Heater

Installation Tips For Your Commercial Water Heater

Commercial water heater installation can be a tricky item in the to-do list for business owners who need to provide hot water instantly for customers like guests in a hotel or sports club. These water heaters can contribute quite a fair bit to your business costs and therefore it is important to choose the right models and installation service for the best value and longevity. Nobody wants their water heater to malfunction in the middle of their client’s bath or to have frequent service repairs! Below are a few key tips you should take note when it comes to installing your commercial water heater.

Selecting the Right Commercial Water Equipment

There are several classifications of commercial water equipment according to the Department of Energy:

  • Electric
  • Hot water supply boilers
  • Gas-fired
  • Unfired hot water storage tanks
  • Oil-fired storage water heaters
  • Oil-fired and gas-fired instantaneous water heaters

Commercial water heaters have different functions, and they heat up water in different ways. Thus, you have to evaluate your needs before selecting which type of water heater is suitable for your business. For example, instantaneous water heaters immediately heat up on your water when you need it, whilst storage water heaters will heat up the water first and store it in a tank controlled by a thermostat. For unfired hot water storage tanks, externally heated water is stored in it.

Choosing a Suitable Water Heater Design

It is wise to choose a water heater design which minimizes the cost of labor during repairs or maintenance, should the need arise. Some heaters are poorly designed, and as a result, require longer service because it is hard to get into and out of the tank. A professional water heater company will provide advice based on your property layout or suggest specific equipment in order to reduce future upkeep costs. For instance, installers may suggest installing a side-plumbed tank so that if a connection leaks, the water will likely collect on the floor and not affect the water heater. This will prevent rust from forming on the water heater itself and damaging it unintentionally.

Look for a Good Commercial Water Heater Installation Company

Last but not least, choosing the right commercial water installer is key to ensuring the performance and longevity of your commercial water heater. Check out the company’s profile, past experiences, and reviews to find out about their customer satisfaction level and reputation among other competitors. Your ideal installer should have performed numerous installations with different types of businesses without getting any complaints. It will be advisable to look out for details such as whether the company can deliver their service on time, perform the job correctly, and whether their service personnel have good knowledge about water heaters.

Even though your business is not entirely about providing hot water services to your customers, hot water is crucial to your business. As such, installing a commercial water heater requires careful research and investment. For peace of mind, it is best to consult with professional commercial water heater companies like Water Heating Direct. At Water Heating Direct, their team of qualified engineers will provide free engineering support and recommend affordable and efficient water heating solutions that will not break the bank. You will also enjoy responsive around-the-clock customer service and support. Head over to their website to learn about their services now!