Is It Time To Change Your Commercial Water Heater?

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How is the water heater at your business running? How do you know?

If a water heater is no longer functioning properly, there are several clear signs, in most cases. You may need to replace your commercial water heater if serious problems arise. So you'll know how to respond accordingly after assessing any issues your hot water heater may be having, the following should be useful.

Generally speaking, how much life expectancy can you get from a water heater? It might be time to look at options for replacement if your system is 10 years old or more. The life expectancy of a storage tank hot water heater is usually six to 12 years, with proper maintenance. You can get more than a 20-year life expectancy, however, from today's tankless water heaters.

For the most probable timelines, check your warranty.

Is There Trouble Brewing?

If you're lucky enough to notice them, there may be signs and symptoms that some kind of trouble is brewing with your water heating system. Higher utility bills are one of the things to watch for. If those bills are higher than they used to be, you may want to check for the following issues:

Cold, cloudy, or rusty water – Your unit is underperforming if you notice water discoloration. Several things can be evidenced by a metallic odor, rust colored water, etc. If corrosion is the problem, the tank must be replaced ASAP.

Strange noises – There could be sediment buildup if you notice a knocking sound, gurgling, or rumbling. To prevent premature deterioration and preserve your water heater, deposits should be flushed and removed regularly from the heating elements of the tank.

Leaks – This is a much-needed immediate replacement situation. Inside the tank, water may have built up pressure and caused the leak. It might be that the temperature was too high or that the pressure was too high (faulty relief valve). In a worst-case scenario, a tank explosion could occur if the leak is neglected.

Replace or Repair?

By replacing some elements, rather than the entire unit, you may be able to make your water heater last longer. Parts that can be replaced include the following:

  • Motors
  • Igniters
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermostats
  • Valves
  • Heating elements
  • Burner assembly

Water heater repair may be possible if:

  • A part that can be replaced is failing.
  • The unit is 10 years old or less.

If the following are true, however, it may be best to simply replace your water heater:

  • It shows any of the above listed wear or signs.
  • Regular, proper maintenance has not been done.
  • The unit is 10 years old or more.

Your company should have a reputable, dependable professional service technician not only standing by for needed repairs but scheduled to perform preventative maintenance checkups. This is the best way to get the longest life from your water heater.

How Can You Find The Best Commercial Water Heater For Your Business?

Where commercial water heaters are concerned, there are numerous choices. Some are extremely affordable but may be lacking in other areas. You want a water heater that is efficient, cost-effective, and suitable for your premises.

You can rely on the experts at Water Heating Direct to help you find the most suitable water heater for your business’s needs.

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