Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Commercial Water Heater

Are you looking to purchase a new water heater for commercial use? If so, it is imperative to consider your options carefully to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. After all, we would all much rather avoid purchasing a water heater that would result in more problems for the establishment. Read on to find out what are the common mistakes associated with purchasing water heaters so that you won’t repeat such mistakes.

Disregarding Energy Efficiency Ratings

For most of us, energy efficiency ratings wouldn’t be the top of our concerns as we rush into buying a commercial water heater. As such, many business owners disregard this factor and rush into purchasing water heaters that are lower in upfront cost. However, this may prove to be a costly mistake over the long run. Over the years, research has shown that bills for water heating account for roughly 18% of a property’s energy use.

Similarly, the Department of Energy has also mentioned that using energy-efficient water heaters can save you up to 15% of your total energy bill. In fact, as compared to traditional water heaters, tankless electric water heaters are approximately 22% more energy efficient. As such, we recommend that you consider more than just the initial cost as you go about choosing a water heater.

Rushing the Purchase

Water heaters are essential in every establishment, so it’s only natural that many people rush into buying a new one without doing proper research. However, it is important to understand the exact water heating needs for the building before purchasing one. Many times, uninformed customers end up purchasing a water heater that doesn’t meet the energy or capacity requirements of the establishment. As such, you should always analyze the hot water requirements of the building involved before locking onto a specific unit.

Another similar mistake uninformed customers make is to not consider the life service of the commercial heater. In a commercial environment, a water heater is more subjected to wear and tear. As such, you should also consider the warranty policies offered by different units. Otherwise, you may also look at the support options provided by the vendors of the water heater. For example, Water Heating Direct offers customers free service and parts warranty for the first year ownership of their Brigade Water Heater, as well as complimentary water quality analysis.

Wrong Heater Size

When it comes to purchasing commercial water heaters, it is important to purchase the correct size that is compatible with your establishment. Choosing a compatible water heater size should always supersede other concerns. Underestimation of your water heating needs can lead to water shortages, which is disastrous for establishments such as hotels and apartment blocks. On the other hand, overestimation may result in an unnecessarily higher initial cost as well as operating expense.