Prevent Your Water Heater From Leakage: 2 Tips

Prevent Your Water Heater From Leakage: 2 Tips

Corrosive water is the main cause of damage to the water heater. But how does corrosive water affect the water heater? And what can you do to save your system? Corrosive water is water that has higher levels of minerals and sediment. This is also known as “hard water”. Hard water’s mineral content is usually formed when water passes through huge deposits of calcium, limestone, chalk, and magnesium. Every water source comes with some sediment or mineral content. Homeowners have to be aware of the buildup of sediment in their water heaters. Heating up hard water can cause sediment buildup in the system, but it can also lead to rusting and subsequently leaking in the tank. Another important fact for homeowners is that damage that is caused by a buildup of sediment might void warranties for certain heaters. That is the reason why you have to maintain your water heater to protect the system. 

Read on to learn about the best tips to prevent your water heater from leakage!

Preventing Sediment Build-Up 

A way to get the most out of your investment is to protect the water heater. You can do so by adding a pre-water heater or a whole home filtration system. This will slow or stop the sediment before it reaches the tank. These filtration systems are installed on the existing piping in your house. They range in price, from $350 to $700 and it is able to add years of life to your tank.

The second way to extend the life is to drain the tank annually. This will remove the buildup that lies at the bottom of the water heater which results in rusting of the interior of the tank. This is a simple task that can be done by any plumbing professional. 

Water heaters come with an anode rod built in that will help protect the tank from the hard water minerals. This anode rod is made out of aluminum and it attracts contaminants in the tank. Then, it dissolves them before they can cause any damage inside the tank.

Many water heaters that have a six-year warranty come with one anode rod. Meanwhile, the tanks with a ten or twelve-year warranty have two anode rods. These rods will rust over time, so it dissolves and leaves the tank completely unprotected. These rods have to be checked once every two years and you have to replace them when needed. If you have a water softener, it is recommended that you check the anode rod on a yearly basis.

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