Setting Up Your Water Heater To Vacation Mode

Setting Up Your Water Heater To Vacation Mode

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as "water heater vacation mode". This feature is useful when you go on vacation and you don't use the water heating equipment at all. The "vacation mode" is standard on most modern water heaters, but even if your particular device doesn't have it, you can still do something to reduce costs and avoid leaks when traveling.

If you don't know what a water heater vacation mode does then continue reading. You'll find out how a simple thermostat setting can save you thousands of dollars and give you more peace of mind when leaving on vacation.

What Is The Water Heater Vacation Mode?

The "vacation mode" has something to do with the water heater thermostat. When you use the heater regularly, water circulates through the device and flows to your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. This is a normal process that gets repeated hundreds of times every year. However, when you leave on vacation, you don't use the water heater equipment for weeks on end. Switching the thermostat to "vacation mode" is the right thing to do in this case.

Why Would You Use The Vacation Mode?

You might want to use the vacation mode of your water heater because it prevents leaks and damages to your water heating device. For example, while set on "vacation mode", the water heating device circulates warm water through its components to prevent freezing. This can be very useful during cold winter months and it keeps your equipment in good order. 

Turning The Thermostat on “Vacation Mode”

Each water heater is built differently, but most of them are equipped with a "vacation mode". All you have to do is to inspect the user manual and take a good look at your thermostat. If it features the "vacation mode" then you simply turn it to that setting. The device will handle the rest and you can leave on vacation without worries. At the same time, this setting will also prevent leaks since minimal amounts of water will circulate through the water heater while you're gone.

Turning The Thermostat to “Pilot” Mode

In some cases, the water heater might not feature a vacation mode. This is usually the case for old thermostats. Still, you can do something about it. Even old water heaters feature a "pilot mode". This is similar to vacation mode as it will circulate minimal quantities of water through the device just to prevent freezing and leaks. If your device features a "pilot mode" turn the thermostat to that setting and leave it there. It will automatically do its thing to prevent damage to your equipment and when you come back, you can use the water heater normally.

If you'd like to learn more about the "vacation mode" of your water heater or how to prevent leaks when coming back from vacation then consider scheduling a call with one of our experts. We provide affordable water heating solutions to businesses of all sizes and we are more than happy to help you save money when it comes to water heating devices.