Solved! Here Are The Causes And Solutions For Cloudy Hot Water

Solved! Here Are The Causes And Solutions For Cloudy Hot Water

Have you ever turned on your hot water and noticed that the hot water is cloudy after it has filled up your sink or tub? What is the reason behind its cloudiness? Cloudy hot water is most commonly caused by oxygen bubbles that have dissolved and been released from the water. You can expect the hot water to clear from the bottom up in just a matter of minutes. If this is not the case for you, then the problem may lie in the hot water heater or sediment, which are issues that are more serious. Here is what you need to know about this problem.

What Causes Cloudy Hot Water

Milky or cloudy hot water is usually caused by oxygen bubbles that have dissolved and are trying to escape from the water. This can be a result of many things such as the following:

  • Dirty Faucet Aerator: A faucet aerator that has become dirty can cause hot water to be cloudy. It is a cap or cover made of mesh that is placed on the end of the faucet which helps to avoid too much splashing. The faucet aerator can contain mineral deposits that have built up, especially with hard water. They may be harmless but they will raise the pressure of the water that comes out of the faucet which in turn increases the amount of bubbles, producing cloudy hot water.
  • Heating Up of Water: Another reason that causes cloudy hot water is the process of water heating itself. Cold water can contain more dissolved oxygen as compared to hot water. Hence, when water is being heated up, the dissolved oxygen can no longer be held in place and thus it will try to escape. 
  • Sediment Build-Up: The last reason that is causing your hot water to become cloudy is sediment build-up. This is not as common as dissolved oxygen but it is worth knowing. Sediment build-up is often caused by minerals that build up in your hot water heater with use. With excessive sediment build-up, it may eventually make its way through the plumbing and creates a cloudy appearance of hot water.
  • How to Fix Cloudy Hot Water

    If you think the problem lies with a dirty aerator, you can remove it for cleaning. First, remove the aerator from the faucet using just your finger or a wrench for greater strength. Clean the aerator and put it back into the faucet including all of its removable parts. 

    If the cloudy hot water is a result of sediment build-up, you need to consult a professional to ensure the sediment can be flushed out. It may also be caused by maintenance works performed by the water company which you can inquire beforehand. 

    If your household is the only place that is experiencing the cloudy hot water problem, then it is most likely caused by your hot water system alone. A professional will be able to determine the root cause so as to tackle the issue once and for all. You can expect to have clear hot water without the same problem repeating again in the future.