Three Warning Signs Your Gym's Water Heater Is Failing

Three Warning Signs Your Gym's Water Heater Is Failing

Your hot water heater system is a vital part of your gym's performance. This is especially true if you possess a large gym with amenities such as hot tubs in addition to showers. With the passage of time and all of the people who use your gym on a regular basis, your industrial water heater is bound to break down at some point. Here are a few problems your gym’s water heater might experience.

Problems With Water Pressure

The water pressure in your gym may vary or not be steady. Water pressure in the shower and bathroom, for example, may be significantly reduced. Members of your gym may also grumble that the jets in therapeutic tubs aren't as strong as they were just a few days before. All of these concerns point to a low water pressure issue. Your plumber may need to repair pipes, washers, or other components of your hot water heater and system to fix the problem.


Your gym members may begin to grumble about how hot the water is. This is risky since your gym members could be burned or suffer from serious ailments like heat exhaustion. The warming of the water could be caused by a number of factors. Whether the issue is a broken temperature gauge, multiple faucets being used at the same time and causing the water temperature to fluctuate, water flow issues causing more hot water to flow to one faucet than others, or something else, you'll need a professional to come in, diagnose the problem, and make repairs.

Water That Is Cold or Lukewarm

You may have a problem with your heater's temperature gauge or thermostat if your clients complain that the water is lukewarm instead of hot or that you've run out of hot water too quickly. The water will run cold and never heat up properly if the temperature gauge isn't operating properly, for example. If the thermostat malfunctions, you may receive hot water on demand, but it will cool down far too quickly for the size of your water heater.

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