Types Of Water Heaters For Your Commercial Building

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Hot water is needed for many things, such as processing and manufacturing operations, for client’s safety and health, sanitation, cleaning and more. Hence, it is important to choose a safe and reliable water heater system. Owners of commercial buildings can turn to several water heater options. Different water heater styles and types could be ideal for your business based on what your needs and preferences are.

Water Heater Styles

Heating up water takes up a large amount of energy, which in turn will account for a large portion of the building’s energy bill and budget. Electric heating elements and fuel is typically used to heat up water. There are a few different styles of water heaters.

The first style is a tank storage style. Tank storage water heaters heat water and stores it in an internal tank. This style is most commonly found in both commercial and residential water heater. Although it is a reliable way to produce hot water, the supply is finite. Furthermore, tank storage water heaters can waste a lot of energy when the water in the tank cools down and requires heating before it can be used again. Often, additional insulation is installed in the tank so that there will not be excessive loss of heat where the water is stored.

The second style is the tankless style, also known as the demand style. These are water heaters that produce hot water instantaneously. They do not require storing water in a tank. Heating elements are used to heat water when hot water is required. As there is no storage of water in an internal tank, there will be no wasted energy from heat loss. These types of heaters are also able to continuously produce a steady supply of hot water, and users do not have to worry whether hot water will run out or if the tank will dry up.

The third style is the hybrid style, which is a cross between the tank storage style and the tankless style. Electricity is used to heat water on demand. However, these water heaters are also able to store a small amount of heated water, which means they are able to produce hot water quickly and efficiently when the demand arises. Hybrid water heater styles are the best of both worlds.

Types of Water Heater Fuel

Energy is required by water heaters to produce flames or provide energy to heating elements. When you choose a water heater, you will have to choose the type of water heater fuel to produce hot water.

Electricity can be used as a heating element to transfer heat to the water. Using electricity as a fuel is very common in many modern homes and commercial buildings.

Gas is also a type of water heater fuel. Gas heaters use gas to create flames that can help heat water. Natural gas is considered economical and is an efficient fuel supply. A steady supply of gas can usually be found in local utility companies in many areas. Gas models are advantageous as they are consistently and readily available through a utility company.

Oil can also be used to generate flames that heat water. However, once the oil runs out, the heater will not be able to work unless the oil tank is refilled. Another potential problem is that oil is usually sold in large quantities, which may put a strain on the monthly budget. It is also not the most environmentally-friendly option around.

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