What Temperature Should Hot Water Be In A Restaurant?


What Temperature Should Hot Water Be In A Restaurant

A commercial kitchen cannot function without hot water. Hot water is essential from a sanitary and legal perspective to help combat viruses, keep food safe for eating, and make sure that sanitary laws are being followed.

The general rule is that hot water temperatures at a restaurant must be hot enough to destroy bacteria and other germs on dishes, glasses, and cutlery in addition to halting the transmission of germs. For this reason, most health departments mandate that staff members wash their hands after using the restroom or handling food.

However, the water in a sink used for hand washing cannot be too hot because it could scorch anyone who comes in contact with it. Additionally, heating water past the point of necessity does not make it any more effective in eradicating germs. Here is a guide on the requirements of restaurant hot water!

Temperature Requirements

Although the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) does not specify hot water requirements for restaurants, numerous states have their laws. To find out the particular criteria, you must contact your state.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that hot water in restaurants must be at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit for hand washing; this standard applies to all areas of the business, including the restrooms.

140 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit is the state-specific hot water regulation for restaurants to wash dishes, but most health authorities have similar standards. Commercial kitchens should provide access to potable water that is obtained from a well that is periodically tested for purity or from a public water supply that has been approved by the county.

Water Pressure Requirements

Another prerequisite for achieving good hygiene in commercial kitchens is the temperature of the water. Problems may arise if the right flow is not maintained. While a temperature of 110 degrees is necessary for hand washing, the amount of time the water must be in contact with the hands is equally important.

To effectively clear their hands of germs, most experts advise that workers in commercial kitchens wash their hands for at least 30 seconds. The transmission of germs may occur if employees fail to wash their hands for the required amount of time because of low water pressure or if low pressure causes them to become frustrated.

Water Capacity and Availability

Capacity is another aspect of hot water temperatures for restaurants that is essential in commercial kitchens. A water tank with insufficient capacity will quickly run out, and it will take some time to heat a fresh supply of water to the right temperature. 

Hence, it is crucial that you have a water tank with the appropriate capacity to keep enough heated water, both for hand washing and at temperatures acceptable for dishwashing and sanitation, as well as for both uses.

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