Annual Inspection

Brigade is a powerful and reliable commercial water heater that's used by restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, government agencies, and more. It is designed to deliver a steady supply of hot water for demanding applications while leaving an ultra-low footprint. Brigade is designed to meet today's needs and built to last. Thanks to the revolutionary, engineered material – hnogy AquaPLEX® – Brigade is extremely strong and highly resistant to water impurities that lead to corrosion. Although Brigade is durable and can last for years, certain components may wear out over time. That’s why Water Heating Direct offers annual inspection services at competitive rates to keep our customers’ water heaters in good working condition.

Why is an Annual Water Heater Inspection Important?

Firstly, an annual inspection is important because it helps protect the occupants of your building. A faulty gas-operated water heater is dangerous if it starts to leak. Certain types of gas are odorless any may cause a person to experience headaches, dizziness, physical weakness, mental fogginess, chest pain, etc. At Water Heating Direct, we inspect water heaters to ensure that they are properly ventilated.

Secondly, faulty water heaters require more energy than usual to continue operating. This means that it could cost users more money than they realize. Last but not least, annual inspections help owners address water heater problems before things get beyond repair. When you hire Water Heating Direct, our water heater inspection team will do everything necessary to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

How does an Annual Water Heater Inspection work?

Every case is different, but all of our inspection procedures are designed to keep water heaters running smoothly and help customers avoid emergency water situations that involve water damage cleanup. Our team will check for any signs of rust or parts that need a replacement. Next, you inspect the bottom of your water heating system to ensure that there is no buildup of sediment. These elements can force your water heater to work harder to reach a certain temperature or become contaminated.

Why Choose Water Heating Direct for Brigade Annual Inspections?

Water Heating Direct is the name you can trust when it comes to annual inspections for Brigade water heaters. Our highly trained technicians spot problems early and quickly solve them to extend the service life of your commercial water heating system. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we can tailor annual inspection plans according to your schedule and usual business operating hours. This way, our team does not disrupt your teachers, sales teams, chefs, or hotel guests. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and that’s why we are flexible. You will be pleased to know that the first year is on us; we offer free service and parts for the first-year ownership of your Brigade.

If you are interested to learn more about our annual water heater inspection services, please feel free to contact us today.