When it comes to construction sites, hot water is often a requirement to complete many projects. As such, using efficient water heaters placed strategically can bring about many benefits to construction companies as compared to traditional means.

Importance of Water Heaters for Construction Companies

Water heaters are often attached to storage tanks in construction companies to regulate temperature, circulation, as well as other factors into optimal conditions for projects. Water heaters serve a variety of purposes for construction companies apart from project use, such as to prevent frozen water pipes, increase comfort for employees during the cool season, or to maintain temperatures at an optimal level for materials such as adhesives to set. Particularly, the cold season is a time where water heaters for construction companies are in high demand.

Due to the nature of construction companies, multiple water heaters are often needed to meet operational demands. As such, it is important to ensure proper operation and that safety measures are always taken to prevent the likelihood of accidents like construction fires. Given the hazards water heaters can pose to construction companies, it is important to use a water heater that comes with an adequate amount of safety features like the ones at Water Heating Direct.

Water Heater Installation Services for Construction Companies

When you source your water heaters from companies like Water Heating Direct that solely focus on water heating technologies, you get the benefit of expert technicians that offer analysis and advice on the installation of water heaters to maximize operational efficiency. Our experienced team will also guide you through the details of the installation process such as venting, electrical connections, as well as sizing matters.

In addition, service and parts are free of charge during your first-year ownership of the Brigade water heater.

Water Heater Annual Inspection and Maintenance for Construction Companies

Water used in construction companies should be of a certain quality to avoid hiccups in operations. Here at Water Heating Direct, we provide free expert water quality analysis as well as in-house engineering support for our customers. The process is extremely simple. We will provide a free water quality test kit to customers and customers simply have to follow the instructions on it before sending the results back to us.

Why Should Construction Companies Work with Water Heating Direct?

Here at Water Heating Direct, we are determined in providing customers with a one-stop solution for their water heating needs. Here, you don’t have to worry about calls being bounced in the call center and complications when your water heater requires servicing. Should you happen to face any technical issues with our product, our engineering and applications team will always be more than ready to assist. We want our customers to be able to use our water heaters without any hassle. Water Heating Direct also allows customers to be in direct communication with manufacturers without a middle party, making the experience simple and fuss-free.

If you are interested to learn more about our water heater installation and maintenance services for construction companies, please feel free to contact us today.