Contractor companies provide a variety of services to other businesses and often run multiple business-to-business (B2B) services. Many of such commercial buildings, factories, and establishments will require water heating services in their operations or simply for employee use. When issues start arising with water heaters, contractor companies can make use of easy-to-use water heaters like the Brigade to solve their clients’ woes.

Importance of Water Heaters for Contractor Companies

Regardless of the type of operation your client runs, a water heater is undeniably needed in most buildings, especially during the winter season. Contractor companies themselves would also most likely use water heaters in applications like showers and taps. 

The reinvented and new Brigade water heater is not only easy to install but also extremely durable and long-lasting to leave anyone satisfied. The Brigade also boasts off a 7:1 turndown ratio, which allows it to fire as low as 29,000 BTU to cut down on costs. Most other conventional heaters run a turndown ratio of 3:1, which results in higher cycling as well as lower efficiency.

Water Heater Installation Services for Contractor Companies

When it comes to installing water heaters in different buildings, one important thing to take note of is that the size of the water heater must be compatible with the structure of the building. The Brigade is a versatile and compact water heater, taking up only about 6 sq. ft of space despite its strong output. Other tank-type water heaters that deliver in the 199MBTU range often take up approximately 83% more space than the Brigade.

Here at Water Heating Direct, customers are free to book free consultation sessions with us to learn more and ask any questions about the Brigade water heater. Customers will be connected with a qualified building systems engineer, and we will guide them through key factors such as electrical and venting connections, as well as sizing matters. In addition, the fee of parts and services incurred in the first year will be covered by us.

Water Heater Annual Inspection and Maintenance for Contractor Companies

This cause and effect statement is reversed. Poor water quality causes interference with the operation of the water heater. As such. Water Heating Direct offers customers a water quality test kit free of charge to do an expert water quality analysis. Customers simply need to follow the instructions stated on the test kit and send the results back to us; we will do the rest of the work. We also offer in-house engineering support for those that require the service.

Why Should Contractor Companies Work with Water Heating Direct?

Here at Water Heating Direct, we are a one-stop solution with water heating technologies, and you can count on us given our expertise and experience. Here, we strongly believe in delivering the best customer experience and will always be ready to troubleshoot any problems customers face. Should there be any technical difficulties or issues, our applications and engineering team will be ready to assist at any time.

If you are interested to learn more about our water heater installation and maintenance services for contractor companies, please feel free to contact us today.