Engineering Consultation

At Water Heating Direct, our engineering consultants provide professional water heater design and planning services for a wide variety of businesses. Combining world-class design best practices with reliable products, we meet our customers' water heating needs while achieving the lowest carbon footprint.

About Brigade

Brigade is a commercial water heater that was developed by PVI. It is versatile, reliable, can deliver hot water to an array of demanding applications. Water Heating Direct has designed and install Brigade water heaters in government buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, medium to small-sized hotels, full-service restaurants, rest stops, and more. From space-saving benefits to low operating costs to a long service life, Brigade is the premier gas condensing water heater in the United States.

Below is a list of the Brigade’s features:

  • 25-gallon water tank
  • 199 MBH
  • Ultra-compact footprint
  • 15’’ wide x 26’’ deep x 76’’ tall
  • All connections are located at the top for ease of installation
  • 8" clearance from the top, 3" from the front of unit (in closet installations), and 0" clearance from the sides and rear.
  • AquaPLEX® stainless-steel construction
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • High efficiency, performance-enhanced, and patent-pending firetubes
  • Avoid the 3-4-year replacement cycle
  • 6-year full vessel warranty
  • Dynamic Water Heating capabilities
  • 233 gallons per hour from 40°F to 140°F
  • Up to 99% thermal efficiency
  • 185°F max temperature setpoint
  • 25 gallons temperature buffer
  • High turndown (7:1) with spark ignition
  • … and more!

Business owners can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that the Brigade commercial water heater is also a certified product:

  • ANSI Z21.10.3
  • CSA 4.3
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Intertek / ETL Listed Mark:
  • NSF / ANSI 372 for low lead
  • NSF 5
  • SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 (to maintain ultra-low-NOx emissions)

How Our Engineering Consultation Services Work

Water Heating Direct’s engineering consultants recommend the correct water heater design that suits our customers’ needs. We ensure that all products are easy to operate and maintain in their environment while saving energy. Next, we determine the best places to install the Brigade water heater so that it does not obstruct traffic. Most importantly, Water Heating Direct provides accurate and realistic cost assessments and comparative cost estimates to help customers better decide which water heater design is best for them at the best possible price.

Why Work with Water Heating Direct’s Engineering Consultants?

Water Heating Direct works closely with customers to ensure that they get the best out of their Brigade water heaters. From the initial installation to the ongoing service life of the equipment, our engineering consultations ensure that the product performs for the end user. Customers benefit from Water Heating Direct’s skilled engineers, who can provide practical designs due to their deep understanding of each application and industry. You will be pleased to know that Water Heating Direct is a BIM-ready (Building Information Modelling) consultancy. We strive to minimize any environmental impact that may arise from our water heater design and installation services.

If you are interested to learn more about our water heater engineering consultation services, please feel free to contact us today.