Are you looking for a water heater system for your business operations in Florida? Perhaps your new water heating system is in need of regular maintenance and spare components, or you just want to update it. Or are you in need of a company that you can trust to perform annual water heater maintenance and inspections? With so many eateries, pubs, shops, healthcare centers, and other businesses being operated in Florida, it is important that a water heating system causes you to lose out. Whatever the issues may be, Water Heating Direct has the ideal solution catered for your needs.

PVI Brigade Commercial Water Heaters in Florida

The Brigade water heater system was developed with the needs of industrial clients in mind. It is ultra-compact and is made up of two separate sections that take up 6 square feet of area which makes it 50% slimmer than most heaters with tanks that are available in the market. Water Heating Direct also supplies spare parts like condensate neutralizers, vents, and more.

Commercial Water Heater Installation Services in Florida

Our Brigade water heating solution from Water Heating Direct is just 340 pounds in weight which makes it lightweight and simple to carry. We can conveniently move your water heater with a dolly and without the need for expensive tools regardless of where you want it to be installed. The cost of installation is greatly reduced as a result of this. All of the Brigade's sockets can be spotted right on its top section which means there is free space for other devices to be installed right beside it.

Commercial Water Heater Annual Inspection and Maintenance Services in Florida

Daily checks and repair services for the water heating system should not be overlooked. While it is advised that you do so at least once a year, you may want to do it more often if you are having issues such as water not heating up or just a small amount of water is able to be heated up. If this is the case, seek specialized support right away to avoid prolonged downtime and higher maintenance costs. Regular maintenance will also help in the early identification of issues such as mineral build-up, rusting, and others.

Why Should Businesses in Florida Work with Water Heating Direct?

Water Heating Direct is deeply aware of our customers' expectations. As a result, our Brigade water heating system was developed with your commercial needs in mind. The bonus that we will throw in is that we will cover all of your maintenance and repair components for the first year after installing our machine! When you first start using our services, a trained Building Systems Engineer will be assigned to you. The engineer is the one to guide you through the whole installation process. If you experience any issues down the road, our helpful team of business professionals is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer customer care and support.

If you want to learn more about our commercial water heating solutions in Florida, feel free to contact us today.