Water Heater Solutions For Hotels

Reputation is crucial in the hospitality industry, especially so with hotels where everything is riding on your guests’ expectations. Guests expect to be able to take a warm shower instead of an icy cold one, and to have their meals served to them either in your restaurant or as room service. Have you ever thought about how you will be able to meet those needs without hot water?

Whether you are looking to install a reliable commercial water heater solution for your hotel or for inspection and maintenance services, Water Heating Direct is your one-stop shop. We can assist hotels with water heating system installation, inspections, and maintenance. Your employees are busy enough tending to guests – let us take the burden off their shoulders by ensuring you have a functioning water heating system.

Importance of Water Heaters for Hotels

There are many reasons hotels cannot afford to be without hot water. Just one breakdown and you have a lot of explaining to do to guests. Below are some reasons water heaters are so essential for hotels:

  • Ensure guests are able to take warm baths and showers
  • Meal preparations for the adjoining restaurants, bars and room service
  • Keeping the pool and jacuzzi heated
  • Washing and sanitizing of laundry, linen, bedding and towels
  • … and many more

Did you know that laundry requires a standard temperature of 140 degrees F whereas the water for showering should not exceed 120 degrees F? Water Heating Direct can advise you on all your compliance needs when you engage our services.

Water Heater Installation Services for Hotels

If your hotel requires a new water heater installed, the Brigade water heater system is guaranteed to meet all your needs. It consists of two ultra-compact units that take up only 6 square feet in space, and the best part is that all its connections go on top, freeing up space for other pieces of equipment to fit around it. The Brigade has been specially designed for commercial application and therefore weighs only 340 lbs. Hence, you can expect installation costs to be kept affordable. 

Water Heater Annual Inspection and Maintenance for Hotels

A hotel cannot afford a PR disaster caused by a malfunctioning water heater. Let our team of professional technicians at Water Heating Direct carry out regular inspection and maintenance for your system to ensure it remains in top condition. Any problems including blockage, rusting and build-up of minerals can be detected and resolved timely.  

Why Should Hotels Work with Water Heating Direct?

At Water Heating Direct, our team specializes in installing and maintaining water heating systems for hotels. We understand your needs and will do what we can to address them. When you first come to us for a free consultation, a qualified Building Systems Engineer will take you through every step of the process. The best part is that your first year of using the Brigade water heater system comes with free servicing and parts, completely on us!

If you are interested to learn more about our water heater installation and maintenance services for hotels, please feel free to contact us today.