New Jersey

Do you need dependable water heating solutions for your New Jersey business? Water Heating Direct provides excellent water heater repair and servicing facilities. We will assist you with keeping the water heating systems in excellent working order for a prolonged period of time. This is to avoid unnecessary energy use by your water heaters which could result in higher electric costs. If you need professional water heating solutions, talk to our team at Water Heating Direct for affordable prices.

PVI Brigade Commercial Water Heaters in New Jersey

The Brigade water heater is at least 50% slimmer than most water heater models that are particularly designed for industrial use. It has a lightweight body that is only 340 pounds and requires just 6 square feet of room for its two separate components. You may also order replacement parts and accessories for your water heater from Water Heating Direct, such as vents and condensate neutralizer units.

Commercial Water Heater Installation Services in New Jersey

Our Brigade water system needs less effort and space to transport for installation because it is much smaller and weighs less. We can move it without the need to use expensive and bulky equipment such as a motorized stair climber. Hence, you can choose to fix it in the kitchen, the basement, or anywhere else around your property without incurring high installation costs. Additionally, since the system outlets are found on top, you may choose to install other equipment by its side.

Commercial Water Heater Annual Inspection and Maintenance Services in New Jersey

If you have a routine maintenance and inspection plan in place for your water heating system, you are on the right track. Else, you need to know what the consequences are. Inspections are important to help detect any potential issues from an early stage. This can aid in reducing downtime and higher repair costs over time. The issues you need to worry about include mineral build-up and rusting. These problems can cause pipes to clog or cause water to take much longer to heat up. If there are any concerns at all with your water heater, get in touch with a water heater expert right away.

Why Should Businesses in New Jersey Work with Water Heating Direct?

Water Heating Direct is a company that specializes in meeting the demanding expectations of industrial customers. Regardless of the type of company you operate, we will install a water heating system that caters to all your needs. The best part is that for the first year that you use our water heating solution all of your maintenance and part replacements are taken care of fully by our team. Every consultation will be attended to by a professional Building Systems Engineer who will be your guide throughout the entire installation process. There should be no concerns over any challenges that may emerge along the way because our experienced team of industry experts is available to provide customer support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to learn more about our commercial water heating solutions in New Jersey, feel free to contact us today.