Do you need a new water heater system for your Ohio-based business? Or is it time for your new water heating system to undergo routine maintenance and or in need of replacement parts? Perhaps you wish to upgrade it or are you simply looking for a reliable water heater company that can perform yearly water repairs and maintenance? With so many restaurants, bars, stores, childcare facilities, and other companies operating in Ohio, you must focus on not wasting money on faulty water heating systems. Regardless of your problems, Water Heating Direct has the perfect solution that suits your needs.

PVI Brigade Commercial Water Heaters in Ohio

The Brigade water heater system was designed specifically for commercial clients. It is ultra-compact, consisting of two different parts that take up 6 square feet of space, making it 50 percent thinner than most regular heaters found on the market. Spare parts such as condensate neutralizers, vents, and other items are also available from Water Heating Direct for purchase.

Commercial Water Heater Installation Services in Ohio

Water Heating Direct's Brigade water heating solution is just 340 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to transport. Regardless of where you want your water heater mounted, we will drive it with a simple tool with wheels without needing the use of costly equipment. This eventually allows the cost of installation to be significantly reduced. Since all of the Brigade's adapters are located on its upper region, there is plenty of room left for other equipment to be placed next to it.

Commercial Water Heater Annual Inspection and Maintenance Services in Ohio

The importance of performing regular maintenance and repair works on the water heating system cannot be taken lightly. Although it is recommended that the processes are performed just once a year, but it is recommended that you do it more often if you are experiencing problems such as water not heating up or just a small amount of water heating up. If you are experiencing such issues, contact a professional as soon as possible to prevent extended downtime that incur higher maintenance costs. Regular inspections can also detection any problems earlier in the course. The problems including mineral build-up, rusting, and more.

Why Should Businesses in Ohio Work with Water Heating Direct?

Water Heating Direct understands that our consumers have high demands. To support your needs, our Brigade water heating system’s design was developed specifically for use by commercial facilities. We will also add in an extra perk for you that covers all of the costs of your inspections and repair works for the first year after we install your heating system. A professional Building Systems Engineer will be tasked to offer you full guidance when you first begin using our services. This same engineer will be with you at every step of the way until the end of the installation. For any types of issues, seek the expert advice of our field professionals who are available to provide customer service and assistance around the clock.

If you want to learn more about our commercial water heating solutions in Ohio, feel free to contact us today.