image/svg+xmlEfficiency All models tested according to ANSI test procedures and meet or exceed the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of ASHRAE standard. The test is conducted at 100% firing rate and the efficiency shown does not represent unit output at partial load. The efficiency rating directly correlates with the score given to each product out of 100. Turndown Ratio The ability of the unit to modulate its fuel input rate based on building demand. This is extremely important during part - load condi tions where the unit does not need to operate at full fire rate. This also reduces cycling which significantly improves the lifecycle. In this category, the highest turndown ratio is 7:1 which receives a score of 100. The only other published turndown rati ng among the other manufacturers is AO Smith with a 3:1 ratio, which equals to a score of 43. Warranty PVi offers a 6 - year warranty policy with the 1 st year of it being completely inclusive of labor and annual maintenance costs. Th e Brigade offers the lon gest warranty, therefore the score would be double all the other three manufactures with a 3 - year warranty. Dry Weight The Brigade is the lightest (348 lb.) water heater in its class. This means significantly lower delivery cost. The other water heaters must be delivered with a motorized stair climber dolly (shown in the picture below). The delivery companies typically charge per stair, and this can be hefty total for the end - user. The delivery of the Brigade is simple and does not require expensive tools such as one shown below. The Brigade receives a perfect score in this category. Motorized Stair - climber delivering a large tank - type water heater

Brigade Comparison Combined

image/svg+xmlBrigade vs. The Competition Brigade: One of PV i ’s newest water heater s, with the smallest foot print in the industry . The Brigade is capable of satisfying various building hot - water demands efficiently and will do so in a very tight space. With a 16” width and zero clearance required on each side and the back, Brigade will fit in half the space of a traditional commercial water heater or two Brigades can be put in the space of one tank heater and create system redundancy that my otherwise not be possible due to unavailable space . Brigade’s heat exchanger and 25 - gallon storage tank are made from PVi’s AquaPlex and is backed by a full 6 - year warranty, double that of commercial tank water heater competitive models. The 25 - gallon storage acts as a buffer for small water heating loads and the 7 to 1 turndown of the combustion system allows Brigade to track and adjust to the hot water demand of the building. This combination allows for longer runtime and less cycling of the burner which will lead to higher efficient operation and longer heater and component life. Weighing in at just 355 lbs., Brigade can easily be maneuvered with a hand truck and carried up stairs without the use of specialized stair climbing dollies or expensive delivery services. Competing Models Most competing models are very similar in construction and operation. Glass lined tanks and heat transfer flue tubes or heat exchanges are the most common design and will have a 3 - y ear warranty in a commercial application and have a common theme of water leaks shortly out of the warranty period and frequent water heater replacements in the 3 - 4 year range. All glass lined water heaters require cathodic protection due to the porosity o f the glass lining and holidays or voids that occur in the lining. Without cathodic protection, which in most cases requires routine maintenance to be effective, the heater will fail shortly after the useful life of the anode or with the failure of an elec tronic anode system. Much like with tankless water heaters, water quality and performing routine maintenance will have a large factor on the life of the water heater and success of their operation.