Does your business in Texas need reliable water heating solutions? Water Heating Direct offers exceptional repair and maintenance services for water heaters. We can help to ensure that your water heating systems will remain in a top-notch condition for an extended period of time. This is to prevent an excessive consumption of energy that may lead to higher utility bills. If you are searching for professional water heating solutions, consult our team at Water Heating Direct for attractive rates.

PVI Brigade Commercial Water Heaters in Texas

The Brigade water heater unit is half the size of most water heaters with tanks that are found in the market today which cater especially for industrial use. It has an ultra-compact body that weighs just 340 pounds and takes up only 6 square feet of space for both of its two separate parts. Water Heating Direct also has repair parts and components for your water heater such as vents and condensate neutralizer devices that you can order from us.

Commercial Water Heater Installation Services in Texas

Since our Brigade water system is much smaller and weighs lesser, it takes lesser effort and space to ship for installation. We can conveniently transport it without the need for expensive machinery such as a motorized stair climber whether you need it mounted in the kitchen, basement, or somewhere else within your facility. This in turn helps to reduce the cost of installation. Furthermore, since the Brigade's outlets are built on its surface, this creates space for other devices to be mounted on its side.

Commercial Water Heater Annual Inspection and Maintenance Services in Texas

Do you currently have a fixed regular schedule for the maintenance and inspection of your water heating system? If you do not, do not take its importance lightly. Regular checks will aid in the early discovery of possible defects which will help result in less downtime and higher maintenance costs in the long run. Mineral build-up and rusting are two concerns you need to take note of. They may cause water to take longer to heat up or cause pipes to get clogged. If you are facing any issues with your water heater, do not hesitate to contact a specialist right away.

Why Should Businesses in Texas Work with Water Heating Direct?

Water Heating Direct caters directly to the needs of industrial clients. We will install a water heating system that suits your needs no matter what business you are in. The best thing is that we will cover all of your servicing and components for the first year that you work with our system! When you contact us for a consultation, we will refer you to a trained Building Systems Engineer who will lead you through the whole installation process. You do not have to be concerned over any issues that may arise along the way as our professional team of business professionals is available 24/7 to offer customer care and support.

If you want to learn more about our commercial water heating solutions in Texas, feel free to contact us today.