How Much Maintenance Does a Tankless Water Heater Need?

How Much Maintenance Does a Tankless Water Heater Need

You might have read different reviews and blog articles about the advantages of having a tankless water heater. However, one thing comes to mind: do you need to frequently maintain them like regular storage tank systems? Although regular storage tank systems are less durable and efficient and require less maintenance, the same thing applies to tankless water heaters.

Generally, you only need to service these heaters once every year. However, you might need to double your maintenance if you have hard water. Here are a few things to remember in your tankless water heater maintenance:

Regularly Flush the System

It is important that you flush your water at least once every year, as this will help you remove sediments from the system. You might need to do this frequently if you have hard water in your home because minerals will accumulate faster. The process is relatively simple; you just need to hook a hose to the draining valve, then wait for the water to run out.

These minerals can affect the heat exchanger and lower your system’s efficiency, which will further cause an increase in energy bills and reduce the lifespan of your water heater. While you might rely on a warranty for damage, it does not cover damages from mineral build-up. Your best option is to flush the system frequently to help it run efficiently. 

Follow these steps to flush your heater:

  • Switch off your tankless water heater power source, either electric or gas
  • Disconnect the water supply and attach a garden hose
  • Use the sump pump to force the vinegar solution into the heater
  • Once you are done flushing with the vinegar solution, use ordinary water to flush.

Check the Air Filter

Some tankless water heaters have a filter positioned between the fan and air intake pipe. You also need to clean this regularly, although the frequency of the cleaning will depend on how often you use the system. With consistent use, there might be a problem with the airflow since dirt, insects, and other debris can clog the filter. This can sometimes cause electrical problems or error messages in your system.

 When you have a problem like this, it is always easier and faster to clean the air filter. Depending on your manufacturer, you might only need to unscrew and bring out the filter to rinse, leave it to dry, and reinsert it. To do this, stop the water supply to your water heater and remove the water filter for thorough cleaning. In some cases, you might need to refer to your user manual to help you.

Clean the Outside of the Tank

As a part of your tankless water heater maintenance, the outer part of your tank needs to be cleaned regularly. This will help prevent dirt or grime from building up after long use. Cleaning the tank is easy; you can do this with a soft cloth. Make sure to clean the surrounding area as well, because dust and debris can get into the water heater over time. This can eventually cause problems.

In addition, before cleaning the tank, always ensure you switch off the power and water.