Why Hotels Should Have Hot Water Systems

Why Hotels Should Have Hot Water Systems

It’s no wonder that access to a hot water supply is necessary not only while at home or in the office but also while on vacation. Taking a hot shower or soaking in a hot tub after a long day of exploration can melt one’s tiredness away. This is why hot water systems are essential in hotels and any type of accommodation.

If you are running a hotel and you are thinking of ways to achieve higher customer satisfaction, invest in commercial hot water systems. Here are more reasons why they are worthy investments for your business.

Guests Expect On-Demand Hot Water

Most homes have hot water tanks. Therefore, most guests expect hotels and other commercial properties to have these systems, too. After all, hot water is a basic need. The lack of on-demand hot water can drive bad reviews. So, if you want to avoid negative feedback, don’t let guests shower with cold water. Install a tankless hot water heater designed for commercial use.

Maintain High Levels of Sanitation

Hot water is not only for showering but also for cooking, washing hands, dishes, and linen, as well as cleaning spaces. As with medical facilities, hotels also have to maintain high levels of sanitation since they provide accommodations and even serve food. Hot water helps kill bacteria and remove germs. With easy access to hot water, you can keep your hotel clean and safe for guests and workers.

Operate More Efficiently

Does your hotel have a boiler to keep the rooms warm and cozy? You should still install a tankless water heating system. Shutting down your boiler during the summer and using a separate heater can benefit your business in many ways. For one, it produces hot water on demand in a more efficient way. This allows you to save on fuel expenses. It will also help prolong the service life of your boiler.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Hot Water System for Hotel

Ready to purchase a hot water system? You should consider these factors when choosing the right one for your hotel.

  • Tanks or Tankless? – Commercial water heaters are either tank or tankless. Both types have their own unique pros and cons. But for the hospitality industry, tankless water heating systems are the best choice because they can meet the demand for hot water better. Unlike tank water heaters, they heat water only when it is needed. It is possible to have an unlimited supply of hot water. Also, they save space and energy.
  • Fuel Type - Water heaters are also categorized into the type of fuel they use. There are units that run on gas, electricity, and solar power. Gas water heating systems are suitable for hotels and other businesses with short peak demand periods. Electric water heaters are also ideal for hotels because they are safer, have a lower environmental footprint, and are generally less expensive than gas-powered units.
  • Unit Size and Your Needs – The size of your water heating system should depend on your needs. You have to consider the number of rooms in your hotel, the average number of guests you can accommodate, and the size of your building.