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When it comes to construction sites, hot water is often a requirement to complete many projects. As such, using efficient water heaters placed strategically can bring about many benefits to construction companies as compared to traditional means. Read more >
Plumbing companies often have to install water heaters for pipes in showers, sinks, washing machines, as well as other similar appliances. In addition, they are also responsible for doing repair works for faults and damages in the water heating system. Read more >
Contractor companies provide a variety of services to other businesses and often run multiple business-to-business (B2B) services.  Read more >
Did you know that water heating systems are crucial in all types of establishments, including fitness centers? At sports facilities and gyms, it is important for business owners to find an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to ensure there is a steady supply of hot water for customers to use. Read more >
When it comes to small businesses, the business owner often neglects to choose the right water heater for their establishments. After all, there are usually a lot of other things on their minds. However, spending a bit of time researching and choose a reliable water heater can be beneficial for the business in the long run. Read more >
Regardless of whether you own a small inn or a large hotel, guests are always the top priority. If you run lodging business, you would know how important it is to install a good quality water heating system to ensure that all your guests are able to enjoy hot showers in their own rooms. Read more >
If you own a restaurant or are in the food service industry, having a functioning water heater is of utmost importance. In fact, 95% of restaurant managers answered “water heater” when asked which piece of equipment could cause the biggest problem to the business if it broke down! Clearly, restaurants are unable to serve up fresh, hot food as well as meet their washing and sanitation needs without a functioning water heating system. Read more >
It is essential for outpatient and urgent care medical facilities to have a functioning water heating system. Hot water plays a big part in the sterilization of medical equipment and when the supply is disrupted, operations within the facility can halt. Held to the strictest standards of safety and hygiene, medical facilities cannot afford to neglect their water heating system. Read more >
Two surgeons washing their hands
Serving a vulnerable group of society, it is essential for senior care facilities to have running hot water. Not only is it essential for the comfort, wellbeing and happiness of your residents, it also keeps them protected from germs and illness. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, the washing of linen, bedding and towels with hot water is a must in order to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Did you know that health codes for laundry require the water for washing linen to be at least 140 degrees F? Read more >
Amidst concerns surrounding the ongoing pandemic, the health and wellbeing of our children are more important than ever before. This is where schools play a big part. Many parents are only willing to send their children back to school with the reassurance that safety measures will be put in place. Even under normal circumstances, water heating systems are of the utmost importance for the daily activities that take place in school.Read more >
Whether you are looking to install a reliable commercial water heater solution for your hotel or for inspection and maintenance services, Water Heating Direct is your one-stop shop. We can assist hotels with water heating system installation, inspections, and maintenance. Your employees are busy enough tending to guests – let us take the burden off their shoulders by ensuring you have a functioning water heating system. Read more >
Regardless of whether you are looking to install a reliable commercial water heater solution for your office or if you require inspection and maintenance services, you have come to the right place at Water Heating Direct. We have extensive experience assisting offices with water heating system installation, inspections, and maintenance. Let your employees focus on more important aspects of work while we handle all your water heating needs for you. Read more >